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Perhaps because it was the medium I used at the beginning of my botanical art journey that graphite is my absolute favourite.  I love that it is so forgiving ... if you make a mistake, you can rub it out.  I love the seemingly infinite tonal range. I love the fine detail achievable from a razor-sharp pencil tip. 


Graphite is a mineral, a crystalline form of carbon which, under high temperature and pressure, converts to ... diamonds.  No wonder I love it.

I use Staedtler Mars Lumograph pencils, 2H being my favourite with HB and 2B close behind.  The darkest/roughest I go is the 4B for shadow.  I rough sketch on whatever paper is at hand, and use Arches Hot Pressed 300 gms watercolour paper for the finished work.

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Brachychiton bidwilli
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